Chameleon represents the culmination of several years of reflective songwriting, and a period of personal and professional growth for ‘The Thomsons’. Recorded over 18 months in Trentham, Victoria (Dog & Bear Studios) and Newcastle, NSW (Funky Lizard Studios), Chameleon remains a nod to the concept of an old fashioned album, a body of work that as an art form may well soon be lost in the rapidly changing technological landscape that engulfs us. Meticulously layered, the album is a modern contemporary folk statement, with tales from home and the far reaches of the planet, consistent with the style and substance that mark the essence of ‘The Thomsons’ approach to musical expression. “Old fashioned story telling through song, with engaging folk / pop hooks”. Although ‘The Thomsons’ played most of the instruments on the album there are some delightful cameos by wonderful musicians, including Liz Frencham on double bass, Rob Long on percussion and electric bass, and Nick Wright on electric lead and slide guitar. A Chameleon is a beautiful creature, with the ability to change appearance to fit the situation, its musical expression is no less as enigmatic.


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